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Fandel Tales: Browser Xxx Porn Game (Free To Play)

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Fandel Tales Released!

Hello friends. I'd like to welcome you to our little page on the Internet devoted to a porn game that we've just finished creating! It has been in the works for a number of years and we're absolutely stoked that it's finally able to be put online. We've had a blast and a half creating it over the last 3 or so years and while it began as a basic title without much thought behind it, we truly believe that Fandel Tales is going to be considered one of the greatest adult projects on the Internet by the community. We've broken away from tradition here to try and ensure that we've got an adult game that is truly unique and enjoyable. While other titles might be plagued with a lot of issues regarding final quality, graphics, accessibility and so on, that's not going to be an issue here. You'll be rubbing yourself senseless once you jump into our amazing title and see how we've handled the production of it. From start to finish, we've put the customer first: even to the point of pricing the title! Right now, you can sign up and play our game completely free of charge. That's right: we're offering a porn game which is completely free to play! How many times have you come across a fully-fledged title providing that type of experience? It's rare in the adult business, that's for sure.

The graphical experience

We were incredibly keen from the start to make sure our game had the latest snappy graphics. If you look back through porn games through the ages, you'll note that the general quality is pretty poor. The guys who created them were living off of scraps and doing the porn gaming stuff as a side hobby: never a main adventure. The great news is that Fandel Tales has been built from the ground up to ensure that you're going to have an eye popping experience. A bulk of our production budget and time went into getting the best artists around, after all, we all know that a great looking game is what gets the punters in. Alongside a fantastic in-game engine, we've also hired some rendering experts to create videos of a similar aesthetic that you'll find throughout the game at various points. So whether you're an actual pornstar or just a horny virgin, this is going to make you shoot ropes time and time again. Just be warned: you'll want to keep this stuff a secret from your therapist – she's going to say it's not good that you're addicted to the most incredible XXX game around!

Accessibility on tap

We hate that a lot of games are exclusive to just one platform or, even worse, high-end machines. As a result, we've made Fandel Tales available to anyone that has the ability to load up a recent copy of a modern browser. We currently support – and will continue to support – Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. While it might be the case that others run the game, we cannot guarantee that for the future. But, since 99% of you are probably running one of the official browsers we provide compatibility for, there shouldn't be an issues regardless. It's also pretty incredible that we've managed to create great cross-platform compatibility. You can run this game from your mobile phone and then seamlessly transition to your PC with very little effort. Our cloud storage system synchronizes your save states too, so the transition really is smooth and simple. No messy uploading, dragging of files or anything else of that nature! Just another way we go to show our loyal gamers that we really care about bringing you the best porn gaming session known to man. Where other games have let you down – we won't! Their loss is our gain and we're proud that so many gamers thus far have found Fandel Tales to be a magic sex gaming experience.

All-new gameplay experiences

Our game doesn't fit any modern category quite perfectly, but it's a mixture of a dating simulator, role playing game and turn-based combat adventure title. The three have been blended seamlessly so that you get to enjoy all the rich and sexual elements of the best titles already out there. Since we're pretty late to the gaming party in general, we've managed to research what people like from different titles and then worked overtime to put out something which is capable of meeting their expectations. You'll soon realize a pattern of success in this domain: our quests are highly enjoyable and what's more, your decisions will really make a difference as you adventure through Fandel Tales. Some NPCs also have a wide range of personality traits, which you'll want to master if you feel like having sex with them. Some are interested in money, others fame. Some just like intelligent guys! You'll build up your character to address all of these desires and we expect many folks will enjoy a second play-through to experience what the game is like from a different angle. There are multiple endings to explore too, so if you're someone who doesn't mind going back to the start and doing it all again, that option is highly recommended here at Fandel Tales.

Multiple planned expansions

While we think that our game currently is completely finished, there's no rest for the wicked and we believe that no game is ever truly perfect. That's why we have a 12-month plan ahead of us to bring 3 new content expansions, a multiplayer edition and a few other features we'll reveal over the coming weeks. It's been an absolute pleasure to create Fandel Tales and give it the exposure it needs, but now we believe that we can really go to the next level and show off our ability to create even more great porn gaming content. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to Fandel Tales now and start playing completely free of charge! This browser game is really going to take your expectations of sexual gaming to a whole new extreme level. We're sorry about that, but hey – would you want it any other way?

See you on the other side – good luck!

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